St James's Church, Hampton Hill

The sanctuary & chancel stained glass windows

There is a beautiful stained glass window above the high altar in the sanctuary with the three panels showing the 'Birth of Jesus', the 'Ascension' and 'Holy Family and Magi'.

East window above the altar in the sanctuary (1875) Left panel: The Birth of Jesus. Central panel: The Ascension. Right panel: Holy Family and Magi
"In memory of Thomas Emeas born 1814-died 1875."

The Birth of Jesus The Ascension

Holy Family and Magi

The Ascension

On the south side of sanctuary there is a sedilia (two stone canopied seats) and within this space are two stained glass windows, the 'Last Supper' and the 'Stoning of Stephen' with a bronze plaque beneath. The plaque is inscribed "To the honour and glory of God, and in loving memory of Emma Bligh Christmas 1881".

South side of the sanctuary
The Last Supper "Love One Another".
Stoning of Stephen "Faithful unto Death".

The Sedilia in the Sanctuary
The Sedilia
The plaque
The Sanctuary window
The Last Supper

Stoning of Stephen

The plaque

North side of the chancel St John the Evangelist (1921)
"To the Glory of God and in the Memory of Charles Robert Job, Priest Vicar of this Parish AD 1893-1914 Erected by Parishioners and Friends".

St. John the Evangelist

St James's Church
The Parish Church of St James, Hampton Hill, TW12 1DQ
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