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Twenty-first century Britain is a very different place from Victorian Britain, but sadly the need to think of those less fortunate has not gone away and charitable giving is still at the heart of our parish outreach - an essential part of the good news our Christian faith encourages us to proclaim. Before the advent of the Welfare State the giving of charity was one of the most important social functions of the church. At that time St James’s maintained several almshouses for the poor in the parish. It supported the Provident Club to encourage a habit of thrift in poorer parishioners, and the early vicars (indeed later ones too) gave generously out of their own pockets to support those in need.

St James's has never left its charitable giving to chance and has a policy of aiming to allocate 10% of its annual income to charitable donations. The Charities and Links committee manages the sum of money allocated in each year’s budget, giving half to charities in the UK and half to charities overseas. It also gives priority to church agencies. Read the articles Charities and Links Donations and Charities and Links Activities.

St James’s realised long ago that giving is not just about money, but also about sharing our lives and growing in understanding and friendship. And so, beyond the needs of the parish itself, our church has always contributed generously to the wider work of the Church. In the early years this was represented by the Home and Foreign Missions and other charities, for example, the NSPCC and the Waifs’ and Strays’ Society. St James's formed a Missionary Working Party which was reorganised and renamed the Parochial Working Party in 1923, with the object of helping the work of the church overseas and raising money for different projects. In the 1920s, the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel (SPG), the Church Missionary Society, and the Colonial and Continental Church Society were the main societies supported.

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St Luke’s Mission Hospital

Later on, through contacts with USPG ('U' stands for 'United') made by Hannah Stanton, a prominent member of the congregation, St James's became associated with St Luke’s Mission Hospital in Milo, South West Tanzania (shown right), a long-standing link that is still maintained. Read the page St Luke's Mission Hospital, Milo. It also began an active interest in ALMA, the partnership the Diocese of London has with Angola and Mozambique. As well as supporting the general aims of ALMA and its Lent Appeals, St James's became linked with the parish of Santa Maria Madelena in Pemba, on the north-east coast of Mozambique. Read the article What a difference we all make. By 2010 St James's was supporting seventeen charities.

Every year St James's continues setting aside several thousand pounds in its budget for charitable grants for organisations and projects both in this country and abroad, particularly in Africa.

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The above information covers the period from when any records could be found until November 2016. This was when Revd Derek Winterburn became St James's tenth vicar and from this time onwards any new information can be found on the main site's page Mission through the years: Charities and links.

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