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St James's curates through the years

Revd. E. S. Phillips

Revd Phillips

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Revd Studholme Wilson was curate for the last three years of Revd Fitz Wygram’s incumbency. From 1890 Revd de Ritchie was curate for three years. Revd H Clarkson was licensed as curate of Hampton Hill by the Bishop of London in 1894. While Revd Job was away "fresh cases of sickness should be reported to Mr Clarkson who will also witness any signatures to pension papers that may be required and issue Hospital Orders". In 1897 he moved to Lancashire and was replaced by Revd E S Phillips, who had already been reading the lessons in church for about three years. A man of varied talents, he helped with aspects of parish life varying from the Church Lads’ Brigade to carving at the various “Supper Do’s”. After fourteen years of service as curate, he moved to Devonshire. Read more about Revd Phillips.

Revd F St Clair Goldie, who was a BA of the University of Wales, was ordained at the Lenten Ordination in 1914. He left in 1916 during the war and nobody replaced him. The “necessary work cannot be properly carried out without such assistance”, so in 1920 the Finance Committee unanimously decided to restart the subscription list for the Assistant Clergy Fund. Revd FG Nelson accepted the post and stayed until 1922 when Revd J F Laughton became ‘part-time’ curate until Revd N C R Campbell took over the post. In November 1924 Revd Harvey announced: "The Rev B Kitchin is taking up his residence amongst us, and is going to take his share in the services and organisations. To the Revd F J Laughton, Curate-in-charge, I owe a great debt of gratitude for his kind help." Revd Laughton helped out again when Revd Kitchin became ill, then Revd Ernest Richard Milton was ordained and became curate in 1926. However only two years later, he was asked to find work elsewhere as the Parochial Church Council were faced with a financial deficit and were unable to raise the necessary stipend (£250 per annum) for a full time assistant priest. Seymour Harris was made a Deacon in St Paul's Cathedral on 21 September 1975. A year later he was ordained and completed his three-year 'title-period' as assistant curate. Christopher Swift was welcomed to the parish during July 1990 as an ordinand, a person training for the ordained ministry of the church. He was ordained deacon in Blackburn Cathedral on 29th June 1991. Betty Stewart became a deacon in 1993. Read the articles Betty Stewart's Ordination and Work as Deacon and Betty Stewart's Retirement.

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Revd. Freda Evans
Revd. Julie Gittoes
Revd Freda Evans
1999 - 2002
Revd Julie Gittoes

The Bishop of Kensington formally offered St James’s another Deacon from June 1999 for three years, which was "a project with great potential for outreach and for strengthening our commitment to our parish". Freda Evans accepted the position as a stipendiary curate, which was a training appointment and then was ordained priest in 2000. Read the article Freda's Ordination. Prior to this Freda had worked full-time at All Saints, Fulham, during her training. While she was at St James's one of the projects she worked on was leading workshops for the children of the parish at key points in the Christian year. Read the article Children’s Easter Workshop. Freda’s strong organising skills were of great help to the parish. In October 2002 she moved to be Vicar of St Barnabas Church, Kingshurst, on the outskirts of Birmingham. Read the article Farewell to Freda. In December 2007, Freda was invited to be Team Rector of St Barnabas, Erdington. This has been a very demanding job as it involved the rebuilding of the church which was badly damaged by fire in October 2007. Read the article A phoenix rises from the ashes. True to her character, this great work has made Freda feel Birmingham is now her spiritual home.

Revd. Debbie Oades

Revd Debbie Oades
Revd. David Bell

Revd David Bell

Revd. David Bell

Revd Jacky Cammidge

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In his role of Director of Ordinands, Revd Leathard encouraged Julie Gittoes to become the new curate straight from her training at Westcott College, Cambridge in July 2003 and she was ordained as a deacon in the same year. Read the article Julie's Ordination. During her time with us Brian Leathard took a three-month sabbatical and left Julie in charge of the parish. Julie gained her PhD in 2004. "There cannot be many parishes in the country with two reverend Doctors as their clergy!" In 2006 Julie was invited to be the Vicar of our neighbouring church, All Saints, Hampton, and she stayed for five years before becoming a residentiary canon at Guildford Cathedral, where she was installed and inducted on 6 May 2012. Read the article Thank You Julie.

Debbie Oades came to St James’s in October 2008 as a self-supporting curate, having been ordained deacon in 2006 and serving as curate at The Good Shepherd Church, Hounslow. She had been ordained deacon in 2006, priest in 2007, and served as curate of the Good Shepherd, Hounslow. Debbie showed particular interest in mothers and young children and among other things, she instigated the formation of St James's Ark, a Carers' and Toddlers' Group, in September 2010. She left St James's in February 2011 to take on a full-time, paid post as Assistant Vicar of the the Benefice of Maybush with St Jude, Southampton, in the Diocese of Winchester. Read the article Our New Curate and Good Wishes to Debbie.

David Bell trained at the South East Institute for Theological Education, which is a collaborative partner of Canterbury Christ Church University and came to St James’s in September 2009 during his ordination training. Read the articles St James’s Welcomes a Candidate for Ordination and Begin at the very beginning. David was ordained deacon by the Bishop of London at St Paul’s Cathedral on Saturday 30 June, 2012 and was welcomed as curate at St James's the following day. Read the article St Paul’s Cathedral Ordination. He was ordained a priest in June 2013 at St Mary’s, Osterley, Isleworth. David is working during the week in events sponsorship management, combining his job with his work at St James’s. He took up a new post as assistant priest at Kingston Parish Church in September 2015.

Jacky Cammidge was selected to train for ordination as a self-supporting minister in 2012. Read the articles The life-changing cup of coffee! and A journey for the love of Jesus which Jacky wrote at the end of the second year of a three-year BA degree course at St Mellitus College in 2014. She completed her training and was ordained in the summer of 2015, therefore being able to become the new curate for St James's after David left. Read the article Jacky's Ordination as Deacon. She was then ordained priest and took her first Eucharist in July 2016. Read about Jacky on the page Our Curate.

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The above information covers the period from when any records could be found until November 2016. This was when Revd Derek Winterburn became St James's tenth vicar and from this time onwards any new information can be found on the main site's page Church life through the years.

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