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The first available records originate from the 1880s when we learn that an organ was bought and that there was an organist and a choir.

Much happened between then and 2001 when music in the church was formally reviewed as a result of number of exciting ideas that emerged from the Mission Action Plan. A Music Review was held, led by Huw Williams, the Sub-Organist of St Paul's Cathedral. Huw drew attention to "the model of combining different resources so that they work together, and afford variety and overlap". As emerged earlier in the year during the Mission Review, there was strong support for developing opportunities to attract children into musical activities, and offer them and their parents opportunities to become more closely involved in the church.

The conclusion was that there should be as much diversity as possible in music, and therefore as much choice as possible for all the congregation and the parish; that we should encourage tolerance, sympathy and listening in order to understand each other's tastes and styles as part of worship and of our mission, and how music can enhance faith; and that we should cultivate and use all the talents that are available to us, of every sort, whatever they are. A further music review was held in 2003. After this the June 2003 Spire reported: "It was very clear that there had been considerable growth and diversification in our music, nurtured by the considerable talents of a number of musicians who have worked very hard to stimulate the development of music in the parish as part of worship. The growth of the choir, the development of the children's choir, the blossoming of the Travellers [now the St James's Players], the performances of many styles of music in church, and the concerts and recitals, as well as the music as part of services, has greatly increased the breadth of music at St James's."

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Recitals and concerts have been held in the church probably since Revd Fitz Wygram was vicar, performed by young and old alike. There are only articles about them from later years:
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The above information covers the period from when any records could be found until November 2016. This was when Revd Derek Winterburn became St James's tenth vicar and from this time onwards any new information can be found on the main site's page Service music through the years.

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