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This section looks at the historical background of many different areas or themes in: the church buildings and grounds; how the church is organised and run; the groups past and present; the changes and development of the services and the music within those services; the parish magazine; how the church intereacts with the community; the development of church witness, mission and outreach. See the links above.

These areas or themes run from 1863 when the church was built up until the end of 2013, the 150th Annivesary year. They all have their own pages and pictures have been included wherever possible. Any significant or interesting historical facts since 2013 can be found at the bottom of the individual pages on the main website.

The information in this section comes, mostly but not entirely, from the the parish magazines and the book 'The Birth and Growth of Hampton Hill'. It is as accurate as we can make it but any corrections or additions will be welcomed. Please contact the webmaster. Thank you.

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