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A helping hand for the homeless - 2014 June and July

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February's deanery synod meeting had a very good session on the various community services that are offered by our neighbour-ing churches in Hampton Deanery.

The Social Needs Drop-In at St Stephen’s Church, Twickenham, provides a meal together with practical and pastoral support for homeless and vulnerable adults. It has been active for many years and currently meets at 6pm every Thursday, with many of the 35-45 guests coming from quite far afield.

The purpose of the project is to affirm the God-given worth of every person by creating a safe, welcoming, family atmosphere in which guests feel accepted and can relax over a meal, play board games or participate in literacy and art groups. Guests are encouraged to pray for each other and discuss the Scriptures. In addition to the weekly sessions there are film nights and an annual trip to the seaside, both of which seek to encourage a sense of community. The Christmas meal is very popular and almost 100 guests were served last December. The project would like to expand and volunteer help is always welcome.
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Source: The Spire Magazine - 2014 June

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Helping people get back to work
Helping people get back to work

Room to Work at St John’s Church, Hampton Wick is an employability course for skilled workers, managers and professionals. Its aim is to fill the gap between the Job Centre and expensive career coaching for professional people who are made redundant.

The course grew out of a parishioner’s passion for getting unemployed people aged over 40 back to work. Everyone is welcome, but it specialises in mature job-seekers, recognising that they may find it especially difficult to find work and can suffer a loss of dignity as a result. The course teaches skills to get back into the workplace, such as improving CVs, confidence and speaking techniques. Since it started in October 2012, it has worked with 100 clients, of whom 20 have found jobs, while contributing hugely to raising the confidence of all involved. Room for Work runs on charitable funding, including funding from the Hampton Fuel Allotment Charity.

Source: The Spire Magazine - 2014 July

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