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150th Anniversary of St James's Church

History Booklet hits High Street
- 2013 June

A free booklet

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A free booklet showing how St James’s Church transformed the community has been published to coincide with its 150th anniversary. It it called 'New Hampton and Hampton Hill in Victorian and Edwardian Times'.

In 1965 St James’s published The Birth and Growth of Hampton Hill, by Marjory Orton, and sections of her book have been updated in this new publication by local resident Richard Sharp. It has been paid for by the sale of advertising and a grant from the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames’ Civic Pride Fund. Some 10,000 copies have been produced and have been distributed to homes in Hampton Hill thanks to the Christian Aid Week teams and to local schools. Copies are also in local shops, pubs and restaurants.

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A free booklet

The booklet shows how St James’s, and its first vicar, The Revd Fitzroy John Fitz Wygram, changed the area from a wilderness with highwaymen to a community. He also built a school and campaigned to improve housing.

A competition has been included on the back cover of the booklet, with prizes. Entry costs £1 and proceeds will go to the Greenwood Centre. As part of St James’s Day Weekend, vintage buses will run between the High Street and the church on Saturday 13 July. The Revd. Vannozzi is pictured above at the launch of the booklet, with Zach Ash, of Robson's Butcher and Deli, and Jennifer Dedman, of Your Local Plumbing Company.

Peter Vannozzi Vicar of St James's said: "I am delighted that this booklet has been produced, reminding us of the history of our community in Hampton Hill, of which the church is still a part today."

Throughout the year the church hopes to raise as much money as possible to support Hampton and Hampton Hill Voluntary Care, which runs the Greenwood Centre and supports people in need.

Source: The Spire Magazine - 2013 June

The whole book was too big electronically to put up so the pages are here separately for you to look at.

CHAPTERS Page numbers
Front cover Front cover
Hampton Hill in Victorian Times and Edwardian Times Page 2 Page 3
Ordnance Survey Maps 1863 and 1894 Page 4 Page 5
New Hampton in Victorian Times Page 6 Page 7
Pubs of New Hampton and Hampton Hill Page 8 Page 9
Butchers, Bakers and ... Page 10 Page 11
Trains and Trams Page 12 Page 13
Fire Service, Post Office and Library Page 14 Page 15
Schools Page 16 Page 17
Bushy Park Page 18 Page 19
Adverts Page 20 Page 21
Victorain and Edwardian Parades in Hampton Hill Page 22 Page 23
Adverts Page 24 Page 25
Adverts Page 26 Page 27
Hampton Hill History Hunt Back cover  

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